Saturday, 14 November 2009


Have you seen my latest outfit? If you do find it, let me me know, ‘cause I am blooming cold without it.

The usual rubbish

I was going to write about litter today but decided it would just be a lot of rubbish.

statisticts and more statistics

I stuck my finger in a pie chart and got a taste for statistics…

extremely extatic

I knew a dog with three tails … he was really really happy

Blow job

It is very windy this morning. Next door’s cat along with all the crooks may get blown away.

Or they would drown....

It’s just as well fish can swim.

There's a hole in my ,,,,

There was a hole in my memory but I couldn’t look into it because I’d forgotten where it was.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Done I've been looking at my calendar and realised that apart from the fact
it's full of dates I have absolutely nothing to do.
I have been told where I can go though!

Size matters

No, I'm not telling a tall one - it definitely was not as big as that.
In fact it was even smaller. But then width isn’t everything.


I have lost one lens out of my specs Now I see issues from one side only I've had some wonderful arguments Ouch! There's no need for that..


My mother always instilled it in me... Right now though, I can't remember quite what it was...well, I think it was my mother

Today is wonderful

If I were not alive today I wouldn't be here to see and appreciate what wonderful opportunity today offers life - there is so much to do and see and experience about the day. I can't wait to get on and enjoy it....Oh bugger!...
Look... its raining.
Today I was going to install a "Yakmeter" but I got talked out of it.