Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The New Moron

SonFurgPanasSam the giant mega, television maker, has announced the latest gizmo.

The breakthrough has been devised by request from customers and the overwhelming demand by the public around the globe.

It is the new Automatic remote control called the “Moron” which is essentially nothing more than a device that looks like the traditional hand held pointing device but which sports no buttons. It works on the principal of sound waves.
Despite its’ simple appearance the thing has some pretty smart firm wear on the inside.

The intelligent device can override any television settings made by the viewer and will automatically, on detection of any sound emanating from the television while words are spoken, blow all the fuses in the establishment.

A speeksman for the giant megacorp said they are preparing for an avalanche of orders as the public are queuing up around the globe for the device. It will be distributed by retail outlets, mail order and on line sites.

If you would like to pre-order your Moron go into another room and click just over there.

If you have problems obtaining your Moron contact your Broadcasting Company to get the alternative “Dumb” device…otherwise called the “Off Button.”

“z = z2 +C”

And A(z=z2+c) equals absolute chaos.

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