Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Take it from here

Take it from here…..

“Ooh, Eff?”
“Yes Ron?”

“d’yer ear that?

“Ear what Ron?”

“That noise, Eff”

“No, neither did I!


“What, Ron?”

“Do you wanna? … you know, do you wanna?”

“Do I wanna what, Ron?”

“You know, Eff. Do you wanna play with my…..”
“ooh, Ron, you are awful!”
“No. Eff…my remote. Do you wanna play with my remote?”

“No, Ron, But we could…you know..”
“But Eff, your granddad is sat snoozin over there”
“I know, Ron, but he hasn’t got his glasses on, has he?”
“But Eff, he might wake up with all the noise Eff.
“Not if we turn the tele’ on, Ron”
“Ooh Eff!”
“What, Ron?”
“Ooh, Eff, let’s do it then…”
“Ooh, Ron!”
“Ooh, Eff!”
“Ooh, Ron!”
“Ooh, Eff!”
“Ooh, Ron, rhythm is not very good, is it?”
“Ooh, Eff, well it is only background noise, Eff. Howd’you expect me to keep time to that Eff?”
“Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ron, Ron, Doya do Ron, Ron!”


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